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Programming and Application Development

Creative with Technology

Unique Solutions for Unique Problems

Every problem has a set of solutions; some are good, some are bad, and some are so crazy and different that they work perfectly. I tend to find those last ones. A common solution might work, but it could probably work better, be more suited to the problem, or maybe you just need something new. Every situation deserves to be considered special, and I will find an answer tailored to it, because when one size fits all, it never fits good.

What does it mean to be a creative problem solver? For me, it means that novel approaches are the ones you can make work best, and each solution is a work of art. It means that it isn't good enough to simply get something done, there needs to be something to set it apart and draw attention to it. It means making connections to other problems, taking inspiration from places you didn't expect or things that might not have worked before.

More than One Tool for the Job

Multitools are great, but often a 2 inch knife doesn't cut right, and the tiny pliers can't reach around the thing you need to... ply? I believe that no tool can be good at everything, so it's to everyone's advantage if you have many different ones.


Speaking computer, and in multiple dialects, is crucial in a technology-driven world. Experience with Java, C#, C/C++, JavaScript, and others means that I can work my way around software and make something not just functional, but optimal. It doesn't stop at these languages, either. I pride myself on understanding programming principles and can easily pick up other languages if needed or for fun.

Web Design

Using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript, I create modern, functional, and responsive sites. Each design is custom made for its specific use case, alleviating unnecessary fluff and dependencies that plague web templates and site builders. My sites can be anything, be they blogs, services, tools, or games.

3D Modeling

Games, simulations, movies, and rendering need high-quality, functional models. Whether it be efficient yet pleasing game assets or high poly animation meshes, I can use powerful tools like Blender and Maya to get the job done.